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Some words from the owner : J.R Bolduc

I embarked on my entrepreneurial path at 17, turning a childhood fascination with engines, sparked by RC cars and dirt bikes at age 4, into a professional venture in 2017. By age 12, I was already assembling and fixing dirt bikes in my parents' garage. At 15, I refined my mechanical skills in an engine performance shop. Transitioning into the automotive sector, I obtained ASE certifications and accumulated experience across various workshops. Driven by a desire for autonomy, I founded my own business, initially named JRB Customs and later evolving into JRB Performance & Customs. I tackled early obstacles by emphasizing customer service and carving a niche in diesel repair, performance tuning, and custom truck modifications. A personal endeavor, turbocharging an '03 350z with an LS engine swap in 2018, The experiences provided valuable lessons, but also expanded my clientele. I am extremely grateful for the steady growth of the business and remain committed to elevating customer service and setting new standards of excellence in the industry with each passing year. In August 2023, we launched our online store, jrbcustoms.shop, serving the entire United States. This venture has attracted significant clientele increase from various states seeking advice on repairs, performance enhancements, and custom parts for their truck.

Despite the initial foundation of personal and business success, it is the hardworking and dedicated team behind me that propels me forward. Business owners may sometimes lack empathy towards their crew, but none of this would be possible without them. We really have our act together, and I am immensely grateful for the hardworking, dedicated, and professional employees I have the honor of calling my TEAM.