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Brake Service & Upgrade

How do you know when to replace your brakes? How much does a brake service cost? We've answered the hottest brake questions to clear it up for you.

More Info About Brakes Service & Upgrade at JRB Performance & Customs in Massachusetts:

When should I replace my brake pads?

Depending on your make and model, you'll notice some of the following when it's time to bring your car or truck in for brake service:

  1. Warning light comes on for low brake pads: This will be a dashboard indicator light that signals it’s time to replace your brake pads.
  2. The Squeal:
    There's a piece of metal built into your brake pads that, when the pads
    are worn down enough, starts rubbing against the rotor when you brake.
    It's super annoying (on purpose) so that you'll be forced to bring in
    your truck for service.
  3. Grinding noise: If you
    hear grinding, you've waited too long. Your pads are gone and are now
    rubbing against the rotor. Bring it in for service right away or you
    could be at risk of an accident.
  4. Your brake pads actually look think: If you can get in behind your tire to take a look, you can see if there's barely any pad left.

Brake Upgrades:

We supply and install industry leading brands such as Brembo and Akebono.